LIEAP (Low-Income Energy Assistance Program)
Help with home heating costs for low-income households.
Application Period October 1 - April 30th.

Submit completed application to HRC at 1801 South Higgins, Missoula, Montana 59801.

  • Print an application here.
  • Call (406) 728-3710 to be mailed an application.
  • Applications also available to walk-ins at all HRC offices.
  • Households whose heat is part of the rent and their rent is subsidized, may qualify for a minimum $20 payment once per year for 5 years and a SNAP increase (once you prove your eligibility to your SNAP caseworker).

Benefit is determined by type of fuel, type of dwelling, number of persons living there and the amount of income earned by all persons living in the home regardless of relationship.

Household income limits are based on federal poverty guidelines. Benefit checks are issued to your fuel vendor by the State of Montana unless you heat with wood, your utilities are part of your rent or you are being reimbursed for fuel purchases. In those conditions, your check will come to you from HRC.

Documentation required includes photocopies of:

  • Identification proving citizenship (social security number, birth certificate or legal entry as a permanent resident) for all persons living at this address.
  • Photo ID for everyone living at the address.
  • Copies of recent home energy bill(s) showing name, current address and account numbers for all fuel types.
  • Proof of all income for all persons now living in the house for a 12-month period ending with the last day of the month before you apply
  • Proof of the value of resources and business equity at the time of application.
  • If your entire LIEAP household is SNAP eligible at your current address in the month your application is received, income and resource verifications are not required.
  • Households whose rent is included in their rent will have to provide paid rent receipts and a statement from your landlord.

If the home's heating fuel account is in the name of someone who doesn't live in the household, payment can not be made to that account. The household will have to pay for their energy use and be reimbursed after proof of payment has been submitted to the LIEAP office.

Some vendors offer discounts to LIEAP eligible households.

  • Mountain Water gives a monthly credit to LIEAP eligible households with an account in their name. Complete the request to inform them as well as a copy of your bill showing the account number.
  • Missoula Electric Co-op gives a discount to their customers who heat with electricity until the end of each program year.
  • NWE gives a year round discount to their gas and electric customers.
  • The Town of Stevensville Water Department lowers households’ base rate by $10/month if they are eligible for LIEAP, you must complete the request to inform them.
LIHEAP clearing house at the National Center for Appropriate Technology

LIEAP Income & Resource Guidelines

HRC can help LIEAP eligible homeowners deal with emergencies related to their heating source and in some instances their hot water heater. Print an application at the State of Montana Energy Assistance website.

Check your NorthWestern Energy account here.

Contact HRC's Missoula office for additional information.


Energy Share of Montana is a state-wide private non-profit corporation. Application for assistance and intake in Mineral, Missoula and Ravalli Counties is through the Human Resource Council. Energy Share accesses various sources of funds and most of them do not have an income cap.

Energy Share helps households facing an immediate energy emergency when they have exhausted all other resources. Energy Share can help households who have used their energy assistance benefit or do not qualify for LIEAP. Energy Share can also help with some furnace emergencies and refrigerator replacement, if the applicant is a homeowner. A local committee meets regularly to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to recommend assistance, the amount of assistance and any co-payment required.

Energy Share is a revolving loan pool. Households have an eligibility of up to $700 lifetime maximum at any time until some or all of the funds are repaid. The program is active in all three counties, but call our Missoula office at (406) 728-3710 to find out if you are eligible to apply and when the local committee will meet again.

Contact HRC's Missoula office for additional information, or visit the State Office of Energy Share of Montana.